Websites on the Move: Why You Should Optimise Your Site for Mobile

If you have a website which is not optmised for mobile, you are basically losing out on sales!  Research has been done into the area, and found that 57% of mobile users effectively leave the site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.  Also, 30% of people will leave a purchase transaction if the shopping cart isn’t fully mobile optmised.

Knowing how important a website can be for small to medium sized businesses, it seems obvious to take the steps to ensure the website is mobile friendly and optimised to run properly.  Here are our main reasons for making sure your business website is fully mobile optimised

  1. Mobile users act differently:  these users want information presented differently to those using desktop or laptop PCs.  They expect information to be delivered in short, easy to read bites.  Mobile purchases are often impluse buys and mobile users often spend more money per purchase than desktop users.  By making sure the path to purchasing is quick and easy, you allow users to rapidly purchase on the go.
  2. Mobile gets traffic: Apparently, over 1/4 of all web searches globally are conducted through mobile devices – hence mobile-friendly websites are in fact even more important than desktop versions.  Smartphone and tablet users often engage with sites while doing other things like watching TV or on their morning commute.  Google have even changed their search algorithms to reflect the increased mobile dependance. Visit website.
  3. Brand engagement: people tend to prefer brands when they offer a good mobike exoperience and they are more likely to come back to your site at a later date on a desktop PC.  Multi-Screening counts for a large proportion of our web useage (where people switch between mobile and desktop devices).  If your website is tricky to navigate on mobile, customers are more likely to move onto a competitiors site.
  4. Increases in conversion: Desktop websites in mobile browsers don’t really convert visitors into buyers.  Often, links are hard to click, CTAs (calls to action) are obscured and contact pages are difficult to find looking in cypress tx the best maid service.  CTAs must always be clear and easy to click, and contact information should be one of the first things you see.
  5. Reduce bounce rate: content which looks good on desktop might look terrible on small devices – visitors won’t stop for long if they have to zoom in constantly and struggle to read tiny type, or worse if it runs flash or things which require add-ons to display.  Engage visitors for longer by providing appropriate and intuitive user experiences.Find the best whole house remodeling in san diego.

The main things to ask yourself when checking your mobile site are:

Does it load quickly (preferably less than 3 seconds)

Does it draw the eye to key selling points?

Content easy to read?

Easy to navigate round?

Call to actions – are they easy to recognise?

User experience

Would you spend time on it if it wasn’t your own?

If you mostly answered no, then it is time to get in contact with a good agency to help you out with your website design!xハムスター japanporn

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