Increase the functionality of your website with custom created plugins, specifically designed to support your business.  Plugins are a great way to add lightweight, flexible custom functions to a site (mainly WordPress) which do not add reams and reams of detailed code.  This keeps the site nice and responsive as it not weighed down with heavy, complicated code.  For Ecommerce sites, we can create custom plugins for WooCommerce, which can help transform a simple WordPress site into an easy to use shopping site.


Alongside increasing the functionality of your site, the main reasons you might want to add some custom plugins to your website might include connecting external services to you site (such as social media platforms), speed up your site, increase the security of the site and create a web application rather than a static site.  The great thing about creating custom plugins, rather than using ready made, or built in plugins, is that you have the overall control to make them work exactly as you want them to.


Depending on what you want your website to do, our developers from web design Wellingborough can create custom content to allow your clients and customers to get the best from the site, and hopefully increase your conversions and sales too!  The best thing to do is speak to our team to discuss what you are hoping to achieve, and they can suggest some awesome ideas.

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There are lots of good reasons to choose a professional to create custom plugins for your site – we are experts in this field and can certainly help you come up with some ideas!

We’d love to meet you and get to know your business, product or unique service. Drop on by (please call us in-advance!) and lets begin planning your next web design and development project today!