In today’s fast paced digital world, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t access the web using a smart phone, tablet or other such device.  Responsive web design is all about creating a website which can be accessed through many different devices whilst keeping the same design.  Our team here at Web Design Moves are experts in this style of development.


Through a mixture of flexible grids, layouts, images and some clever CSS code, our designers can build you a website which responds effectively to user behaviour and environment (screen size, platform and orientation for example).  By combining these techniques, the user should be able to switch from device to device and the website should automatically switch to accommodate the resolution, image size and script.  All very clever indeed!


The whole purpose of responsive web design is to eliminate the need for developing different designs for different devices, especially since there are new gadgets on the market almost constantly!  Have a chat with our design team today about how we can help you ensure your site is as responsive and optimised as it can be.

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