Mobile website optimisation

Mobile Website Optimisation Tips

Why Mobile Website Optimisation?

Mobile website optimisation is a massive thing at the moment because web users these days are using more and more different devices to access the internet. People who used to log in using just their desktop PC or laptop are now using phones and tablets more readily so it is important that our websites are able to work well on these different devices. This ensures that customers and potential clients are able to find our sites easily!  Here are some of the main things to check when making sure your site looks great on mobiles.

Site Speed

The speed a site loads is really important. Something people get really turned off by is a slow loading site.  As a general rule, if it takes more than 2 seconds to load (and this seems so fast really!), it is considered slow.  Take a look at this:

table showing loading speeds

The picture shows some of the information you can get from Google Analytics.  This is an example of a website with rather poor load speeds!  Check out that – nearly 10 seconds to load on some browsers!!  This is definitely a site which needs some work to speed up and some mobile website optimisation! Visit

Ways you can help speed up your site include compressing any images to make sure they are not too big, refreshing the cache and minifying any CSS.

Mobile Responsive Site

Another key area of mobile optimisation is checking that your site is actually built as a responsive site. You can check this by dragging your browser window into a smaller size and seeing if the page resizes to fit the new window size.  If it resizes automatically, you have a responsive site.  If it does not automatically resize to fit the window, then you need to get your site to be responsive.  This is done by website designers as it involves coding and programming knowledge.  If you aren’t sure what you need to do, why not ask us about our free website audit?  We can check your site to see if it needs improving and produce a report with our findings/recommendations. Find out maid service phoenix.  Here are some examples. See how the two screen sizes look different, even with the same page showing!

web design moves smaller screen web design moves website


User Experience

The third area to be aware of when it comes to mobile website optimisation is how the site looks for the audience – your readers. It is important that your site has the appropriate font size, “tap targets and that the content all fits into the viewable space. Tap targets are the clickable spaces on your site Blair Supply Corp.  Sites with poor font sizes get far fewer customer sales and enquiries than other websites Tap targets are important on mobile devices, because these are areas which you want clients to click on, such as buttons, phone numbers and interactive parts. Badly configured tap targets are difficult for users to interact with bästa bluetooth headset.


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