You Might Want to Switch Your Site to HTTPS…

It has recently been discussed over on the Moz Blog that just over 50% of page 1 Google search results are secure (HTTPS).  A year ago, they reported that it was only around 30%.  It was suspected that Google places a higher emphasis on sites which are secure, with their algorithms ranking these sites higher than their non-secured counterparts.  Google has actually denied this (as they often do about algorithmic changes!) but it does seem interesting that more and more sites are now taking on the HTTPS security front. Visit

What about Google in future?

There could be a number of reasons why Google are resisting a boost for HTTPS sites at the moment – for example, there are a whole host of major player websites which are not HTTPS secured, and having a boost would affect these larger sites casino gratis spinn.  Who knows for the future though – definitely worth keeping an eye out for news about updates as the months go on.

Should you be bothered?

It could certainly be something to look at doing for your site lga car service near me. With more and more sites now displaying HTTPS, it makes sense to get your site up to the same standards, even if search engines may or may not take it into account!  Here at Web Design Moves, we always build sites with the correct SSL certification to enable security.  If you are unsure about whether your site is covered or not, or want to find out about configuring your SSL certificates correctly, get in touch with us and we can help you out.  There are always risks in site-wide changes, so it is best left to a web designer who knows what they are doing!  Be sure at a minimum that any pages which collect sensitve user data (such as payment details, contact details etc) are secure.

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