The Importance Of Fresh Content for Your Site

As web designers, we often hear our clients asking why they should make sure they update their blog regularly, or why they should put new items on their online shop as often as they can.  There are lots of reasons why having new stuff on your site; be it blog posts, items for sale or simply page content, is useful for your site in terms of SEO as well as visitor retention.  Here are our tips for making sure your minimalist wordpress themes content wins the game every time!

Fresh Content Means More Frequent Indexing

This is good news – of course it doesn’t mean higher indexing necessarily, but the more times search engines index your site, the more likely you have the opportunity to achieve higher rankings.  For example, if search engines can see that you haven’t updated your content in a while, they consider it to be less engaging, have a higher bounce rate and reduced search traffic.  If, on the other hand, you update your content regularly, you are likely to be more engaging with your viewers, have more up-to-date content (Google is loving this at the moment) and you are likely to experience a lower bounce rate.  Search engines like Google use robots to ‘crawl’ your site, indexing it according to it’s many algorithms.  The bots can see when content has been added, and if it has been a long time, they are less likely to scan as often with the help of knowingmalta.

More Content = More Keywords

In terms of SEO, it is important to ensure you cover as many keywords as you can, without coming across as being too heavy handed with your keywords!  The only way to do this without falling into the trap of “keyword stuffing” (an old fashioned, blackhat technique), is to have more words.  Each article you post can encorporate a different range of keywords so you end up hitting more of them in a broader sense.  This is a good way to increase your keyword use without overdoing it in one article and ending up being penalised.  It is always worth remembering that it is always the quality of the content which has the highest influence on your ranking, rather than the sheer volume of keywords. Visit

Introducing fresh content is more likely to make you an “authority”…

Becoming an authority in Google’s eyes is basically a dream for any webmaster!  According to Moz, having almost constant posts is the best way to influence your authority and get your audience to see you as a useful website, as well as being good for your SEO read this post here.  Posting regularly means that people will begin to see you as a useful source of information and you are more likely to feature high on the rankings when your keywords are searched for. Visit for more information.
If you want any assistance or advice when it comes to your website content, why not get in touch with our team here at Web Design Moves?  We can help you out with planning your content marketing strategy, or simply assist you with knowing how to structure your website to reflect your content in its best light.  Get in touch with the web design team today!




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