A Closer Look: Magento

What is Magento All About?

Magento is essentially an open source e-commerce platform which a website can be built on. Around 1 in 4 online shops are built on Magento, so you know it must be good! It has everything required to allow your online business to work effectively regardless of what browser you’re using or what device you’re accessing the site from. There’s also a really helpful and active online community online where you can learn a few nifty tips and tricks to get you unstuck from any situation. Here at Web Design Moves, we have helped many businesses to develop their e-commerce site using Magento, and here’s why:

Why We Love Magento

One of the main reasons we choose to use Magento is because it is fully scalable to your needs and requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new shop with only a few items to sell, or a multinational business with a stock ranging into the thousands – it will work brilliantly. Find more information about san diego attorney directory here.
It’s a pretty flexible platform, and you can tailor your user experience down to exactly how you want it. You want quick, easy navigation? Done. Simple and clear options? Done. Strong call to actions? Yep, done!

There’s a wide range of plugins available, as well as themes, which means your site can be completely unique and totally functional. All this in a straightforward and easy to customise package. Visit The idea behind Magento is that anyone can use it, without necessarily requiring loads of complicated programming and developing experience or skill in order to run it Of course, the intially set up is sometimes a bit complex, so we would always recommend choosing a good web developer and designer to help you get started, but once it is up and running, it is pretty easy to work your way around the backend of the site. Visit

In our eyes, Magento offers everything you could need to set up and run a successful online business and we certainly recommend it for your next e-commerce web design project. Why not contact us today to find out more about how we can help you establish your own Magento site?

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