Why You Should Choose a Web Designer and Not DIY…

We often get asked why people should use a professional web design company rather than make a business site themselves with one of the Do It Yourself online site builders which are available.  Nowadays, there are a couple of options for building a site: you can either hire a web designer or agency, or use a DIY website builder.  Some people think having a custom designed website is expensive, but let’s look at the good reasons to consider hiring a professional to get your website set up.

The Advantages of Using a Professional Web Designer

  • A unique design – your website is created specifically for your business and you can discuss with your designer the exact way you want it to look.
  • SEO friendly! Through hiring a web designer/agency, it will be built so it is search engine friendly (crucial for being found on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing).
  • Scalable – put simply, the website will be adaptable for your business needs.  You can let your designer know what features or functionality you need now, and what you might need in future so the website can be created with the ability to add more at a later date.
  • Web design expertise – great web designers have the tools to make the right updates to pages of your site.  They can teach you best practice and help you to understand more too!
  • Fully test and Lauch – web designers test the site in different browsers and on multiple devices and can launch the website for you.
  • Marketing skills – web designers and agencies use marketing knowledge to promote your new website and get it seen by more people.

Why You Should Avoid DIY Site Builders

  • Not SEO friendly – most web builders are getting better in terms of SEO, however they use the same template time and time again, which means the website code is not ideal for search engines howellsac.com.  It’s not totally impossible to rank highly using a website builder, but it is much easier with a custom website, not only down to the code, but because web designers can optimise the website more effectively. Visit wundermold.com.
  • Poor analytics – older scripts used on the web builders often means that the site analytics are inaccurate.  Here at Web Design Moves, we use Google analytics to get accurate traffic and performance data.
  • No branding – without having your own domain name, using a URL of webbuildercompany.com/username doesn’t look great on business cards or to say over the phone!
  • Adverts – web builder sites often have built in adverts which can put customers off.
  • Lack of Support – the web builders often have little to no support available for users find out hvac repair san diego ca, or if they are available you need to pay additional costs
  • On-going costs and Hidden Fees – the web builder cost plans often cost around £30 per month and you keep paying forever until you decide to (and even then, you can’t take the site with you!).  Hiring a web designer means you pay a one off fee and there are no on-going costs to worry about!

Why do people bother with DIY web builders then?

Quite simply, because they don’t know any different!  Not everyone realises there are better alternatives available (not just better, but cheaper too).

Interested in hiring a professional web designer to create a new business website?  Contact Web Design Moves today and speak to a member of the team about your requirements!

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