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Web Design Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

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Northamptonshire Website Design

Welcome to Web Design Moves. We’re a digital marketing agency based in Wellingborough servicing clients throughout the UK. We build websites to a rigorous KISS principle. It’s all well and good looking at a website that has a tonne of fancy animations on it, but when the bottom line is taken into account, fancy doesn’t always result in improved sales. In-fact, a simple, easy to use, neatly laid out website with clear call to actions is what assists in web sales and conversions in today’s times. Our Web Design Wellingborough Agency has over 30+ combined years experience in the Web Design Field with great value web design in Wellingborough.

We work with a whole range of businesses, from small one person start ups, through to large scale multi-national corporations in order to get their brand recognised online, using the latest in web design technology as well as effective digital marketing techniques. Matureporno
With our services going above and beyond those of other web design companies, we can offer a full package of unique web design tools including bespoke software, custom code and unique plugins for your site to make it work fully for your needs.

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Local Digital Marketing Agency

Being a fully-fledged design marketing agency we also provide searches in search engine optimisation, for businesses in Kettering and Corby plus surrounding further a field areas. Whether your website needs a face lift or perhaps assistance on your pay per click campaign (Google AdWords), our skilled team can help your business grow online.

The growing design and website development industry is becoming hugely saturated with organisations promising a pretty website. However we tend to look more in-depth at what really is required from a marketing strategy point of view and ultimately a pretty website isn’t so highly featured. Realistically a sales orientated and conversion rate optimised website is ultimately what most businesses seek of today including a website that also ranks highly on Google, such as ours!

We can even provide web hosting services, social media marketing, logo design, marketing strategy and much more under our portfolio of services in addition to Web Design Wellingborough.

What We Can Do For You

Web Design

Designing and building functional and attractive websites is the main focus of our work – bespoke web design to truly suit you.

Web Development

Ensuring everything on your website works correctly and looks great is important so your clients can fully access your site!

24/7 Support

We are here every step of the way.  No matter how big or small your quibble, we are available to quickly get you back on the straight and narrow.

SEO Consulting

Once you have your new site, you need to get it seen!  Our SEO experts can optimise your site to boost it’s ranking on search engines.

Social Media

Marketing for the 21st Century – make sure your company is fully accessing this ever growing area!  Crucial for boosting communication with clients of today.


If you have products to sell, you’ll want our E-Commerce experts to help you develop a profitable online shopping experience.

Some of Our Projects…

Our Web & Digital Marketing Services

About Web Design Moves…

Web Design Moves are an up and coming website design agency based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.  Although we primarily design awesome websites, we have a close team of other website professionals with skills encompassing all areas of the digital arena.  With a combined experience of more than 30 years in web design and digital marketing, we are confident that we can do amazing things for your company.

We aren’t one of those agencies who promise big things but don’t deliver.  Being upfront and honest about the potential in each of our projects is one of the reasons we are so highly regarded for our web design work – we simply get on with creating functional, beautiful websites to help you grow your business.

Through listening to what our clients want we are able to help them realise their dream website, introducing them to new ideas which they may not have considered before.  Having worked with such a wide range of clients, we have built up a repertoire of excellent websites, which can inspire our furture clients as well as engage their users. These are all reasons why we are so well known for Web Design Wellingborough.


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Some Of Our Happy Clients

Web Design Moves built our website (Perfumescentral) for a very minimal budget. I had just about given up with the idea of digital, after spending thousands of £’s on new websites and SEO. Since working with the Moves Group (SEO Moves + Web Design Moves), my website has improved in sales, paid for all the mistakes I took in the past and now we rank no.5 for ‘cheap perfumes’. Thanks Jason & the team.

We are very pleased with our new website Rennd.com. SEO Moves have done a terrific job of building a website that represents our line of work and service.

The Web Design Process


Concept creation for your brand, business and/or product is a crucial element to get right.


Building an idea and concept into reality, via HTML, CSS and PHP technologies.


Need a system to automatically create invoices? Custom programming can help.

The cost of a new, bespoke website can vary depending on a number of factors.  Usually, it depends on how much customised code is required, the complexity of the site and whether the new site needs custom programming.  We price our sites very competitively in the market, and a simple site can cost somewhere from £650 depending on complexity. Our web design Wellingborough is very competitively priced when you see the quality and finish of the sites we produce!

Depending on how complex it is, it can take a matter of days, however it is more usual to take a few weeks/months to enable us to compile all the content and make sure it functions correctly.

Yes, the domain would be in your name.  It is up to you how you manage the domain- you can buy, register and host the domain yourself or we can manage the domain for you and host it for a small fee.

Although we do admit to loving WordPress, we build sites using a wide range of content management systems, custom code and e-commerce specific systems.  We can advise about the best options for your needs.  Basic web desig Wellingborough could generally use simple WordPress sites with options for additional plugin capability, whereas more complex sites which require many clever user features would certainly benefit from our custom system.

Certainly!  We have clients who simply want the skeleton site built so they can get all their own content uploaded.  Equally, we have other clients who ask us to build the site as well as develop all the content too – it is down to how you want to work.

Yes we do!  We offer the full range of digital marketing tools, so you can discuss with us how you want to proceed with marketing your new website! We are a fully equipped digital marketing agency after all.

For Web Design Wellingborough, most of our clients come to us with an idea of how they wish their new website to be.  We go through the basics of the design with them, and together we come up with a model which we can build.  Once the site is drafted, we check with our clients that it looks and feels the way they want it to, before our content team get to work creating engaging and effective content to draw in your customers and users!

We fully test all our sites to ensure everything works as expected, and to make sure that you are happy with the way it looks and runs.  We can offer training for your staff in how to update the site in future, as well as offering support for running features on the site such as e-commerce modules and product management.  We only lauch the new site once we have had confirmation that you are happy with it, and we continually monitor the site in the first few days.

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There are thousands of web designers large and small out there to select from. However, you landed on ours and you’re looking at our contact form right?

We’d love to meet you and get to know your business, product or unique service. Drop on by (please call us in-advance!) and lets begin planning your next web design and development project today! Or call today on 01933 594 002!